Take your show to the next level with a community of ambitious, independent podcasters and industry experts.

What is The Cohost?

The Cohost is a community of independent, ambitious podcasters all aiming to take their podcast to the next level. So what are you waiting for? The sky’s the limit! 

Is The Cohost right for you?

The Cohost is right for you if… 

You are an independent, ambitious podcast creator

You have released at least 8-10 episodes of your podcast

You are committed to growing your podcast over the long term

You are keen to work with and collaborate with other podcasters 

You are looking to take your podcast to the next level

What can you expect as a member of
The Cohost?

Our team of industry experts will guide you and fellow podcasters on a growth trajectory
where you’ll ascend to the clouds and beyond with access to the following: 

Weekly workshops

Covering topics such as ‘How to book top-notch podcast guests’ and ‘Grow your podcast and build your audience’ 


Talk with industry experts and fellow podcasters to solve problems and brainstorm strategies

Industry insights

Keep up to date with current market trends

Build community

Access speed networking and opportunities to share knowledge and partner with fellow ambitious podcasters looking to grow together 

The Cohost Membership: £99p/m
  • Weekly workshops
  • Q&As
  • Industry insights
  • Build community

There are no hidden charges or fees. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive full access for the month and you can cancel at any time.

What do people say about us?

“If anyone is looking for a podcast production agency, I cannot recommend Mags Creative enough. With our latest podcast, they’ve helped us with everything from concepting workshops to recording, editing, production and beyond! They have been instrumental in getting this off the ground and have been great at making our guests feel at ease as well as managing the expectations of multiple stakeholders.” 

Niamh Linehan, Facebook
Mags Creative client

“The sessions were great, and Megan [Mags Creative producer] was a brilliant lead. Megan was fantastic and insightful. I loved her approach.” 

Daniel Peters
Mags Creative Podcast Summer School mentee, 2020

“It was a real pleasure working with Faith [Mags Creative founder] and Mags Creative. Faith did a fantastic job reaching out to guests and arranging cross-promos that led to objective growth in our numbers. And personally, as the producer of the podcast, I learned a lot from working with her on what to focus on to grow the podcast from a PR perspective. Would highly recommend!” 

Slo Mo Podcast
Mags Creative client